What does monitoring mean?

The project CYCLADES LIFE began in July 2013 and will be competed in June 2017.

It includes a number of actions aiming to protect the marine environment of Gyaros and also concerted actions involving the societies of Andros and Syros.

However, how do we know if the actions implemented have had the desired results? Towards the latter part of the project and after the conservation actions have been implemented, specific methods and already scientifically tested protocols will be used in order to evaluate the condition of the monk seal and the octopus populations. Data will be collected anew on the condition of the Posidonia sea grass beds and the coralligenous reefs. Similarly, an evaluation of the status of the condition of the terrestrial environment will take place.

After the legal establishment of the Wildlife Refuge and the Marine Protected Area in the wider marine area of Gyaros, the status of the local fisheries of the islands of Andros and Syros will also be evaluated.

In this section, you will read all the information concerning the above mentioned actions.