Special Environmental Study for the Formal Establishment of a Marine Protected Area

Based on the national environmental legislation, the formulation of a Special Environmental Study (SES) is required for the legal establishment of a protected area by the national competent authority, in this case the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, which is a partner in the CYCLADES LIFE project.

Similarly, an Ecological Study (ES) is a prerequisite for the designation of a Wildlife Refuge by the competent Decentralized Administration Authority of the Aegean, also a partner in the “CYCLADES LIFE” project.


© Α.Bonetti/ WWF Greece

The formulation of these two studies is a required first step and a cornerstone in the future effective conservation of the new marine Protected Area. The entire procedure followed by the project team regarding the formulation of both the SES and ES, will adhere to the prescribed requirements according to National Legislation and the necessary national guidelines. In addition, the SES will include an Ecosystem Base Management Plan of the area that will be developed following the principles of marine Spatial Planning leading to a participatory co-management administration for the Gyaros Natura 2000 site and the proposed Marine Protected Area.

Upon their completion the SES and ES studies, which will include two necessary legislation drafts will be submitted to the relevant national competent authorities for approval. Thus, all the required process and documentation will be available to the national authorities for the legal and formal designation of the Gyaros project area as a “Marine Protected Area” and as a “Wildlife Refuge”, ensuring its long-term conservation.