What does preparatory actions mean?

According to Greek law,  in order to propose the appropriate measures for the protection of the terrestrial and marine environment of Gyaros, environmental and socio-economic studies have to be undertaken that will assess the biodiversity and map the habitats of the area as well as the social structure of Andros and Syros. Which species of plants, birds and animals live on Gyaros? What is the exact distribution of the marine organisms and habitats of the island? What is the condition of the local fish stocks? What species are threatened? What are the main anthropogenic threats?

In the Cyclades, nature and humans have co-existed for centuries. Thus, the human activities of the wider area of Northern Cyclades also have to be mapped and assessed. Which are the socio-economic structures of the societies of Andros and Syros, the two closest islands to Gyaros?

All tha above data, will form part of two detailed studies, which are a prerequisite for the formal designation of the area as a Wildlife Refuge and a Marine Protected Area. Following the completion of the two studies, the competent National Authorities will proceed in the formal designation of the area.

In this section, you will find all the information about the above mentioned actions.