The Natural Museum of Crete 

The Natural Museum of Crete has undertaken the mapping and evalulation of the fauna, flora and habitats of Gyaros. Mores specifically, the team undertook a bibliographican research and field expedition in order to evaluate the condition of the priority habitats as well as herpetofauna, flora and vegetation,  invertabrates and mammals of the island.

University of Patras

Department of Geology and Biology

The departments of Geology and Biology of the University of  Patras, were chosen to undertake the mapping of priority marine habitats and the fisheries study in the surrounding area of Gyaros. The discoveries of the department of Geology during the study of the marine habitats of the Natura 2000 area of Gyaros, have brought to light fascinating findings.  The department of Biology, the first department of its kinds in Greece, has studied the fish association of the coralligenous habitat in the area around Gyaros.

Dr. George Catsadorakis

Dr. George Catsadorakis is a biologist-ornithologist, management specialist and environmental interpretation expert has undertaken the mapping of avifauna in Gyaros. Data on avifauna involves the presence ie the number of species as well as the abundance of seabirds, raptors and other bird species on the island. Dr. Catsadorakis is scientific advisor to WWF Greece and to the Society for the protection of Prespa.

Hellenic Ornithological Society

Together with Dr. Catsadorakis, researchers of the Hellenic Ornihtological Society are collecting data on the avifauna of Gyaros. More specifically, the fascinating discovery of HOS, Dr. Catsadorakis and the WWF Greece CYCLADES LIFE field team of a highly important colony of Yelkouan Shearwaters, Puffinus puffinus, has led to the monitoring of the particular population which has surprised scientists and also has turned the island into a haven for avifauna. In the spring of 2015, HOS, WWF Greece and NCC joined forces in order to look into the importance and the current conservation status of the Puffinus yelkouan in Gyaros, an internationally endangered species. The Hellenic Ornithological Society is a conservation non governmental organisation working for the protection  of wild birds and their habitat in Greece.

Nature Conservation Consultants

ΝCC is a ecological consultancy that focuses on the conservation of nature and biodiversity. Its area of expertise is the conservation of nature and especially of wild birds and their habitats. The team of scientists and experts that form part of NCC aspire to bring about innovative solutions and implementing successful projects for the conservation of Greece’s natural environment.