What does co-management mean?

The notion of co-management, is key for the CYCLADES LIFE project. The creation and proper function of the marine protected area surrounding the island of Gyaros will be effective if all of us work together.

CYCLADES LIFE will implement pioneering methods that have not, to this day, been implemented in the entire Mediterranean basin. Thus, customised training seminars will be organised for all the relevant stakeholders that together will manage the marine protected area of Gyaros. Specialists will train the CYCLADES team on the techniques of ecosystem based management and marine spatial planning. Seminars will be conducted for the fishermen of Syros and Andros in order to increase their knowledge on environmental issues that concern their vocation. Stakeholders such as the Coast Guard and the local authorities to name but a few, will participate in seminars on co-management and sustainable models of development.

Moreover, an educational trip will be organised for selected stakeholders to an existing marine protected area in Italy, which will be the live proof that such endeavours, if implemented properly, have considerable advantages for the environment, local societies and the sustainability of the fisheries sector.

All of the above mentioned stakeholders will subsequently participate in a Consortium of Stakeholders with a mandate to design, formulate and implement a set of protection measures for the marine environment measures and fisheries sustainability. Such a procedure has never taken place before in Greece.

In the section Co-management, you can read all the information for the above mentioned actions.