December 13, 2016

Public tender for the supply and installation of moorings in Gyaros

One of the most important actions for the conservation of the marine environment of Gyaros is the installation of special moorings, that protect its sea bottom. In Gyaros, as was shown by the scientific research that the university of Patras implemented in the summer of 2014, a significant part of the sea bottom is covered by Posidonia seagrass meadowsPosidonia oceanica, a very important habitat protected by law. Uncontrolled anchoring poses a threat to the meadows and thus for the purposes of CYCLADES LIFE Posidonia friendly moorings will be placed at specific spots so that the vessels that visit the island can anchor without “hurting” them. The public tender for the supply and installation of the moorings was published at national newspapers and Koini Gnwmi of Syros.

(c) G.Rigoutsos/WWF Greece

For the full text of the invitation to the tender see here.