June 6, 2016

The marine environment of Gyaros island is full of surprises!

The week starting from the 6th to the 10th of June will remain unforgettable! Maria Salomidi, Yannis Issaris, Vasilis Gerakaris and Eleni Kitinou, scientists from the HCMR, together with the CYCLADES LIFE field team collaborated on the monitoring of seagrass meadows and coastal rock reefs of Gyaros, as part of the monitoring program of the marine NATURA 2000 network and the CYCLADES LIFE project. The team conducted a detailed inventory and an assessment of the ecological status of the shallow rocky coast and examined various biotic quality parameters on the Posidonia meadows, in which additional and permanent ecological monitoring stations were placed. We thank the HCMR team for this cooperation and help in the monitoring of the Gyaros underwater environment. The highlight of the mission was an epic encounter with the endangered giant devil rays, Mobula mobular, a few miles south of Gyaros!

Watch the video here.