October 14, 2014

Third survey of the fish biodiversity of Gyaros

The Zoology laboratory of the Biology department of the University of Patras has completed the surveys on the fish biodiversity of the coralligenous reefs around the island of Gyaros. The surveys, were part of the preparatory actions of the project. The first part of the fish survey is the fishing. The researchers throw the nets at sea and the following day, they collect them and examine the findings. They separate them according to the species, they weight them and then they take several measuremens depending on whether it is a fish, a cephalopod (eg octopus) or crustacean. Coralligenous reefs haven’t been studied extensively in Greece however they a very  important marine habitat and beautiful formation of the sea bottom that provides shelter to a number of fish.

© Vaggelis Tzanatos