April 15, 2016

Consortium of Stakeholders of Gyaros: A milestone for the CYCLADES LIFE

On Friday the 15th of April 2016 at the Cyclades Chamber of Commerce in Syros island was held the first meeting of the newly formed Consortium of Stakeholders of Gyaros. This initiative, as part of the CYCLADES LIFE project, invited the fifteen main stakeholders of Gyaros area to sit around the table to co- decide the design and management of the new Gyaros Marine Protected Area. During the first out the seven meetings that will be held in the next year, the members of the Consortium had the opportunity to meet with each other and discuss about their expectations. WWF Greece, the CYCLADES LIFE project’s coordinator, presented the project and invited the members to be actively involved in the consultation process for the management of the Gyaros area regarding the protection of Gyaros’ terrestrial and marine environment while promoting the development of the neighboring economies. In addition the rules of procedure and the common goals of the Consortium were discussed and agreed for the sustainable development of the wider area surrounding Gyaros.

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